Deploy your front-end projects

Lidlet builds and deploys your sites and apps, simply fast and robustly, at a low cost

Lidlet is in beta version.


Lidlet aim at solving Front-End deployment problems by offering the following services :

No server management

No system administration and tools installation. Just configure your projects through a soft and efficient interface.


As many sites as branches, possible auto build and publishafter push, you have the deploy process you need.

Professional quality

An SSL certificate is automatically installed on all sites, even with your own domain names. The sites are optimized for Front-End.


Add your projet from Github or Bitbuket. Lidlet pull your repo, install npm and bower dependencies if necessary. A gulp or grunt task can also be configured. By default a webhook is set on your repo.

You also can associate your personnal domain name to your projet. An SSL certificate will be installed for free. In some clics, you can link your Lidlet projet to a Contentful project. At each modification, patterns will be replaced by their values in Contentful.

You can activate a form listening that will send the posted data to your personnal email


Free for most repos. You only pay for intensive use like more than ten repos, more than five branchs per repo, more than ten thousand queries on entry points, more than three users controling a repo.


Want to know more about us? Our project? Don't hesitate to contact us by filling the form below. We'll get back to you fast.

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